Top Lykoi Cat Facts

The Lykoi Cat is a rare breed of cat with a unique appearance. They are affectionately called "werewolf cats" due to their wolf-like look. Here are ten interesting facts about them:

  1. Lykoi cats have thick, leathery, either grey or black coats with silver streaks. In addition, their fur is typically patchy, scruffy, and thinner than a typical cat.

  2. They have yellow eyes and resemble a walking mop with giant heads, sparse fur, and long legs.

  3. This breed is descended from a natural mutation in domestic shorthairs. They are not a hybrid of a wild or domestic cat.

  4. The Lykoi is a reasonably new breed established in 2010.

  5. They're brilliant cats, and their behavior is much more independent than regular felines.

  6. Lykoi cats need to be spayed or neutered to prevent inbreeding.

  7. Unlike other cats, the Lykoi does not produce the essential protein that coats the hair, so their coat is often patchy and thin.

  8. Despite being shy around strangers, Lykoi cats tend to form deep bonds with their primary guardians.

  9. Due to their lack of fur, they're less able to regulate extremes of temperature, so they need extra care in cool or hot weather.

  10. This breed is highly active and loves to play with humans and other pets.

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