Top Autoscopy Facts

Autoscopy is an out-of-body experience where people perceive themselves outside of their bodies. This phenomenon can be subjective or objective, depending on the experience encountered.

  1. Autoscopy refers to the perception of seeing oneself from a distance, outside of one's physical body. It can be an intense, vivid experience. However, it can also be likened to dreaming or an out-of-body experience.

  2. Autoscopy can take on many forms, including seeing an exact double of oneself, a partially transparent double, or an ethereal doppelganger of oneself.

  3. Autoscopy has been reported in the scientific literature for centuries and can occur spontaneously; however, it has been known to be induced by hypnosis, psychoactive drugs, and sensory deprivation.

  4. Autoscopy is closely related to the experience of astral projection. However, it is different because classic astral projection separates one's celestial body, while auto-scopic experiences are more closely tied to the physical body.

  5. According to an article in the Journal of Cortex, Autoscopy has been observed in various populations, including those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and dissociative identity disorder.

  6. Autoscopy has been further studied concerning epilepsy. It has been suggested that Autoscopy may serve as a warning sign before a seizure, often happening one to two weeks before an attack.

  7. Autoscopy is not always considered a positive experience for people who experience it due to disorientation, a sense of "presence," and fear of the unknown.

  8. Autoscopy has been the subject of creative interpretation in art, music, and literature. Examples of this include the theme of out-of-body experience in the works of Franz Kafka, the novel Autoscopy by Biljana Jovanović, and the film The Matrix.

  9. Autoscopy has been theorized by experts to be a result of misfiring neurons. This malfunctioning can cause the brain to misinterpret sensory information, leading to a sense of detachment from the body.

  10. Autoscopy has been given various nicknames, including "déjà vécu" or "already seen," due to the sense that what is being experienced has been experienced before.

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