Clanging is a type of sound created by striking two objects together.

Circumstantial Speech

Circumstantial Speech is a type of language that uses imprecise terms to paint a picture or convey an idea.


Chorea is a neurological disorder characterized by rapid, involuntary, and purposeless muscle movements.


Catatonia is a condition in which an individual exhibits reduced physical and mental activity.


Cataplexy is a sudden and transient episode of muscle weakness associated with intense emotion.


Catalepsy is a condition in which a person remains motionless, rigid for a prolonged period.

Capgras delusion

Capgras delusion is a delusional disorder in which a person believes that an impostor has replaced a close friend, family member, or another familiar person.


Bruxism is the habit of grinding, gnashing, or clenching the teeth.

clouding of consciousness

Clouding of consciousness is an altered state of awareness caused by decreased alertness and concentration.

Brain Fag Syndrome

Brain Fag Syndrome is a psychological disorder that causes mental exhaustion, physical fatigue, and feelings of concentrated anxiety.

Bouffée Délirante

Bouffée Délirante is an experimental spoken-word and sound poetry project using electronic and acoustic instruments.

Conversion disorder

Conversion disorder is a psychiatric disorder characterized by neurological symptoms without any underlying medical cause.


Avolition is a lack of motivation or energy, often found in people with schizophrenia.


Autoscopy is a form of out-of-body experience in which an individual hallucinates the seeing of one's own body.


Automatism is a technique that uses unconscious or involuntary movements to create art.


Autokabalesis is an AI-based automated system for learning and generating text.

Delusional Intuition

Delusional Intuition is an illusion of understanding coming from feelings rather than facts.


Astasia-Abasia is characterized by an inability to stand or walk due to muscular incoordination.

Anton Syndrome

Anton Syndrome is a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by recurrent and overwhelming episodes of fear or panic.


Anosognosia is a lack of awareness or denial of an existing medical or mental state.